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    Recommendation to frequency of dressing changes
    1. Remove the white and long release paper.
    2. Apply the exposed side of the dressing to scar. Ensure the scar is fully covered. Remove the short release paper. Ensure the dressing is fully adhered to scar.
    3. Remove the transparent film.
    4. Confirm the dressing is fully applied by pressing the boarder of transparent film.

Scar Dressing PU film Size Colloid Size
Paris 3x3 cm 1.5x1.5 cm
Paris 5x5 cm 3x3 cm
Paris 5x14 cm 3x12 cm
Paris 6x19.5 cm 3x17 cm
Paris 7x10 cm 5x8 cm
Paris 10x10 cm 10x10 cm

HeraDerm Scar Care Dressing(Non-Sterile)

HeraDerm Scar Care Dressing is made of medical pressure –sensitive-adhesive that is comfortable and non-irritant. Scar care dressing is only able to extend along the long side, but not the short side. When applying the dressing on joints, this unidirectional extension design allows patient to move joints freely and produces tension from the short side to suppress scar formation. For longitudinal scars on joints, the unidirection-stretched dressing allows joints to move freely and the non-stretching side suppresses scar formation . The lateral non-flexible design effectively holds and suppresses the scar formation that assists the new tissue growth smoothly and prevents the scar induced.

Downward pressure

Scar care dressing adheres to skin tightly to supply sufficient downforce on the scar and decreases the tensile force from a moving joint; the dressing restricts scar projection and extension. (Qulnn KJ, Evans JH, Courtney JM et al. Non-pressure treatment of hypertrophic scars. Burns inc l Therm inj 1985;12:102-108.)


When to apply downforce on skin

Apply immediately after wound re-epithelialization.
Apply for 8-24 hours daily in the first 6 months.
Apply at least pressure of 21 mmHg to the scar.(average value of the pressure garment)

Position HeraDerm
Chest 23.3
Knee(Stand) 36.2
Knee(Sit) 83.9
Standard Result
Thickness(mm) 0.036 - 0.044 0.04
Adhesiveness(kg/25mm) >1.3 1.44
Anti-externsion force(kg/25mm) >1.5 1.52
Elongation rate(%) >250 412.75
PU vapor penetration(g/m2/24h) >400 509.58
PU peeling force(g/25mm) 8 - 19g 11
Adhesive peeling force(g/25mm) - 7